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Better together!


Gel + Bell

We grew and flourished on Australia’s Southern Surf Coast, our friendship tuned to the rhythm of the tides, nourished by clean fresh air and tinted from a palette of unique colours, tones and hues. 

Naturally, it was this stimulation that inevitably would foster our desire to become artists and designers.

Jointly we share a profound appreciation for Australia's Beach and Bush settings, an appreciation magnified and enhanced by a love of travelling and experiencing the different worlds around us. 
It is within these two passions that we find all our inspiration.

Formally, Gel completed her Bachelor of Interior Design at RMIT – while Bell completed her Associate Degree in Furniture Design, supported by study in Communication Design also at RMIT.

​We love to paint what we see and experience, working in harmony, at the same time on the same piece, under one name. 
Together as GelBell  we find, support, empowerment and inspiration in working as one and sincerely believe that it is this that makes our creative outcomes both unique and profound. 
​With hope that the work we complete together, brings joy, peace and harmony to you and yours.

Please Enjoy