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With a hope to transport viewers to their happy place, the “Addis” collection is devised to form a sense of serenity that transfers from piece to person, paying homage to the way nature washes this same feeling of peace and rightness over us.


The collection serves as an expression of our experiences whilst spending time at Point Addis. A site we fondly share in our friendship, situated between both our homes. A place that together we have often sat under its crumbling sun-bleached orange cliffs and sunbathed amongst its remote rockpools as they slowly move between various states, drowned and drained repeatedly, by the ocean.


The artworks of this collection draw largely on processes mimicking observed tidal movement and consequent effects. Formalizing a concept of putting down, taking off, immoderate and excessive, then reflective and pared-back, finding a balance to these actions to highlight specific moments. 

In turn,  The ‘Addis’ collection is built on a series of layers, in which each layer dictates the next, and as the piece evolves layers become both covered and uncovered, creating impressions in the paint. Lines, indentations and heavy textures are built upon the artwork. Combining to wash a feeling of the country’s resilient beauty over the pieces. In contrast parts of the works are very lightly and smoothly applied on the surface, building depth and celebrating the nuances of the coast. 

An abstract perspective on elements observed within our surroundings is developed throughout many organic circular forms and shapes, and soft, neutral tones, with hints of bright, almost surreal, hues that are awe-inspiringly found within nature.


Our ‘Addis’ collection has allowed Gelbell to explore a sense of time and place that we both have shared. An intangible sensation of home yet exploration in one moment. With further hope to share a glimpse of temporal moments that appear only ever once as the environment moves and warps, each piece a window to an instant in time.